You Can Volunteer and Donate

1: Go with your teacher (outside of class time) to the market to buy beans and other dry goods and cooking essentials, such as rice, sugar, salt, cereals, milk powder, and oil. This helps us to nurture the children and give their parents extra monthly food in their own homes.

2: Have lunch together with us and with the children, helping with a modest fee of US$5.00

3: Eat in the school cafe. All the profits made in the cafe are for the children.

4: Take Spanish lessons via Skype at US$9.00 per hour; half the profit is for the teacher, and the other half for the children.

5: Sponsor a child with a gift of US$25.00 per month. Each sponsor will be entitled to two free hours of Spanish instruction per month via Skype, as well as having the opportunity to speak directly to the sponsored child.

6: Volunteer a little of your own time to help the children with their Math or Computer Skills, or their English or French language studies. You don’t need much experience; what these children need is your care and support.

There are more than 50 poor children in the village of San Felipe de Jesus waiting for our help. Our goal is to integrate them into society and to help secure their future. This is possible only with your help.

Thank you very much.

The Administration and Staff of Don Pedro de Alvarado Spanish School, Antigua Guatemala